Japanese nurses over eat in daybreak?


Normally nurses work with irregular life routine, as they cannot have meals at the same time everyday. During the shift, though you are not supposed to be eating sometimes you cannot help it and after the night shift at dawn you do get so hungry. Sometimes when you realized you happened to eat 4 or 5 meals a day! Lol but you do have to eat something to continue working as well….

But we do tend to eat more than we should or don’t we?




The outline of the questionnaire summaries


The result of the questionnaire is listed above: [Yes] was 94.7%, [No] was 0% and [Other] was 5.3%. Surprisingly, the most of the nurses answered “they do eat more than they should or feel like they do”. Especially they seem to feel hungry after the night shift around at dawn.



  • Cannot stop taking in carbs. Literally
  • Nursing causes a lot of stresses! So I over eat to let off these stresses. Lol
  • Not even sometimes, all of the time.
  • Especially sweets
  • Sweets or chicken skin at the chicken cuisine places lol
  • Sweets….
  • I am the regular of the all you can eat lol
  • When there is some curry, I do over eat and get diarrhea..
  • No matter how much I eat, I am normally still hungry.. Especially after midnight.
  • Before the night shift, I literally do overeat.
  • When I am too stressed.
  • Sometimes I get this feeling I want to eat so much at night!
  • I am a nurse too. I feel like these comments are just describing me lol
  • I do this quite often and regret it.
  • Yeah〜. Unconscious mind always miscalculate the space of my own stomach lol
  • At the all you can eat, you have to otherwise it’s your loss
  • Things I like, I eat them too much.
  • Especially after midnight, I overeat.
  • The spirit of leaving-food-is-waste! Dining out can’t control the amount you eat so I eat with a bit of agony lol



  • Not as much as when I was young
  • My main meal is alcohol. So I rather overdrink than overeat. When I visit the friend who doesn’t drink much I eat a lot ( What else can I do ??)
Well, the hunger they get after the night shift is extreme.


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