Do the Japanese nurses have their breakfast everyday?


Do the nurses have decent breakfast everyday? Aren’t they having the cruel life routine such as Work>Sleep>Work>Drink? As they are working very hard, it worries me whether they are able to have some breakfast or not.

We had a questionnaire about this to some nurses.




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result of the questionnaire is above: The answer [yes] was 63%, [NO] was 35.2% and [Other] was 1.9%. Seeing this can tell that more than half of the nurses have time to eat break fast, which relieves me. Few! At least they do seem to have a normal human bings’ lifestyle. In terms of break fast there is no difference compare to how people with the other jobs’.



  • Golden Bread, Coffee, Dannon Bio, all the same!
  • I have some Diet Shake
  • The same as you mrs,. If I don’t have it then it would be hard to work. I’m into Tofu Salad at the moment.
  • I have kids so I am trying to have breakfast with them. Otherwise I cannot last till lunch.
  • For the daytime shift, I have some Soymilk, Bananas and a slice of Cheesy toast! On the day off, I skip it and sleep till midday.
  • My wise eats some really sweet looking bread everyday before work.
  • I have the exactly the same, some toast, and Dannon Bio. Exactly the ame lol
  • A cup of rise with Natto and some fried egg.
  • I eat breakfast every morning no matter what. Otherwise I can’t work!
  • I don’t have much time so normally eat cereals.
  • Kinda same. I want to have my life routine which I could have Japanese food every morning without being rushed.



  • I get stomachache so if I do then I will get massive one.
  • I want to sleep more rather than having breakfast.
  • I sleep until very edge of it.
  • Sleeping is more important than breakfast. I really can’t wake myself up..
  • I only have some coffee in the morning. Then I get really hungry aroung 10:30.
  • I sleep until just right before the time I leave.
  • I was sleeping sacrificing the breakfast time.



  • Café au lait or natto or eggs. I just have something light


After all, [NO] group’s reason was just that they want to sleep which actually means that “cannot be bothered” isn’t it? Lol I get it though.


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