Japanese nurses, Are there useless doctors around you?


Just because they are doctors, doesn’t mean they can carry on their work equally. Some of them can’t even give any right instructions to anyone. This time we asked the active nurses about the “useless” doctors.

I wonder who’s superior in this case?




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result is listed above: [Yes] was 94.1%, [No] was 4.4% and [Others] was 1.5%. Well it is quite surprising that the most of the nurses feel that “there is some useless doctors”. Although doctors are to be clever there are some dummy-dummy ones. But how did this happen though they are smart??



  • This doctor I know looks up on the medicine book then says “ok, let’s go with this one” then give the patient that one. I always feel is this really ok?
  • Hippopotamus
  • Can’t understand what we saying or can’t understand what they are saying.
  • When I worked with the useless doctor, I thought this many times that, “Before you show off your knowledge, hurry up and give us directions! Otherwise this patient dies!!!!”
  • If you have the license you won’t suffer with your bread tomorrow. Even if you were a good doctor or worse doctor, they get the same wage and this is an evil policy.
  • If it is an obvious mistake then I point it out. Otherwise it will cause a nuisance to the patients.
  • I advice them to get the senior doctors’ help but sometimes I can’t help making myself sound a bit annoyed.
  • Even they completed the internship, they don’t even give the patients the permission to leave and when I point it out they get annoyed.
  • The doctors who are acting big in front of the patients are normally useless ones. At my hospital anyway
  • I tooooootallyy get that!!! I feel, you are a doctor, please do this at least!
  • The one acting big are normally useless, from my experience
  • I do admire them but they tell the patients unnecessary matters and the slow direction really gets me. Don’t want them to make me repeat myself.
  • There must be useless doctors anywhere.
  • Though they talk about their idealism all the time, can’t even give us the directions, have worse writings no one can read and can’t even take CV…. They get me so angry.
  • Here and there, there are many of useless ones. So there are increasing rate for the nurses called Mini-doctors.
  • Taking 20 minuets for unthreading!! The line gets bigger!!
  • Key word is the 20th of relaxed policy education era lol. They can’t even judge the symptom but have huge pride.
  • This doctor I know cannot write the prescription without asking for advices from the nurses… and sometimes because they don’t give us any directions, we call them and they don’t even answer it!! It’s not like we aren’t bored.
  • I really do understand your feeling!!!
  • Yes yes like that !!! why are you giving us this direction??! Or give us directions that we don’t need…. And they have really huge pride and that suffers more.



  • There isn’t but I feel irritated by slow directions or why do you give us this kind of directions?? Etc



  • For example, some doctors tell the celebrities that they have a half year to live due to the cancer then spend 2 years for the treatment just to make the most profit out of it.


If you make the nurses as your enemies, you can no longer survive at hospital.

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