In Japan, Why some nursing staffs change their career?


What is the biggest reason why some nursing staffs change their career? We had a questionnaire on this with the working nurses and asked them to choose the answers from low wage/pressure of work/ the relationship with other staffs. Let’s have a look and see the reality of the nursing industry.




The outline of the questionnaire result


If you choose the reason to quite the nursing job, which one would it be; the result is the low wage is 17.5%, the pressure of the hard work is 32.5%, the bad atmosphere of the working place is 42.9% and the other is 7.5%.

The most popular one was the relationship with the other staffs. I really do understand this… If the working place atmosphere was really good than a little but of hard work could be blown away from your mind. The hard work is quite popular as well isn’t it?


Low Wage

  • I really don’t get along with female doctors. The doctors shout at us nurses. The wage we get really doesn’t meet the work we do.(30s/female/Fukushima)
  • Why are we getting the wage this low, though we are working so hard? Why they cutting our wage! (20s/female/Tokyo)
  • In this 15 years, I didn’t get even 10 yen (10 cense)of wage rise per hour.(30s/female.Nagano)


Hard Work

  • This is way too hard. (30s/female/Hiroshima)


The bad working place atmosphere

  • When this is really bad, you really get depressed (30s/female/Saitama)
  • The head nurse really doesn’t listen to you. It really is full of egoism. The work is running by the minimum numbers of staffs so everyone is irritated due to the hard work.(20s/female/Oita)
  • The buck-passing by your boss.(20s/female)
  • The buck-passing really happens. We are just office workers. It really makes you mentally sick. What the heck you doing by making patients from hospital?! But the people who are good at buck-passing really succeed in their career!
  • Just Hard… (20s/female/tokyo)
  • I really struggled at my old work place. At the moment, the hospital that I’m working at has the lower wage but the working environment is very good so I’m so glad that I changed my work place.



  • For the case-study-presentation, we need to prepare for the event and have to make the references out of our work time. It doesn’t count as the overtime work hour so our free time is sacrificed for this. (40s/Female/Fukuoka)
  • All of the choices are very serious.. can’t choose one.
  • I really can’t be bothered for them all. (20/female/Chiba)


The reason why people quit differs. It is better to be brave and start thinking about moving the work place before you still have a choice to. Your life is more important than anything else.

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