Do the japanese nurses drink at home?


As they are facing a lot of stresses through their work, I heard, that they drink quite heavily but is this true?? This time we had the questionnaire on what kind of drink they often drink at home. Like beer, mixer or wine and sake??

Everyone cannot resist few drinks after work, right?



The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result for the questionnaire is listed above: [Everyday] was 18.2%, [Sometimes] 48.5%, [Not at all] was 33.3%. I thought the nurses are heavy drinkers but seeing this that image in my head could be wrong. Some people do drink everyday and those of who don’t fancy don’t drink at all… This out come is soooooooo boring as this is just too normal!



  • That’s what I am looking forward for everyday…forever alone
  • Can’t stay sane without it.
  • 3500cc beer everyday. My treats.
  • Beer=water



  • After I got married I started to drink quite often. When I was living by myself I never did that though…
  • I only drink sometimes at home. After work I just drink off a pint! When I’m with friend then I normally have few casual drinks.
  • After the daytime shift, I have to drink!!
  • Both of us, me and my husband, don’t drink that often. Sometimes we do but we only share one can of mixer or less.
  • Taking into considerate the fact that I’m working tomorrow, can’t drink everyday, Picking the kids up from their after school classes and so on there are so many things to do. Even on the day off during the week, I still need to wake up early in the morning.
  • Only the day I have a day off on the next day.
  • Only the night I don’t have a work on the next day.


Not at all

  • Only with someone for a casual drink
  • If I drink at home I cannot stop myself so…. STOP!
  • Not by a choice but I just can’t drink


Even the nurses do want to get drunk sometimes!!


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Do the japanese nurses drink at home?

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