Do japanese nurses go sleep without having a shower/bath sometimes?


Although they are really busy do they still have a bath everyday? Others have the image that they do so everyday but do they really have a bath everyday for a real?

Let’s have a look at the questionnaire result.




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The answer [Often] was 32.2%, [sometimes] was 27.6%, [seldom] was 33.3% and [other] had 6.8%. This isn’t good! As they are nurses they should have a bath before they go to sleep but…. This is the reality of nurses.



  • I normally have in the morning. If I feel I got dirty too much then I try my best to have one.
  • Well, when I get home I just dive in to the bed and go to sleep like a dead man. When I get back to conscious, it’s already morning.
  • In the morning or before I go to work.
  • At night, I only wash my face and foot (because they smell), then have a bath in the morning.
  • I’m often really tired after work
  • It will be better to have one at night but after making meal and feed my kids I have no energy left. I do understand it but sleeping is more important.
  • Wake up at midnight still setting on the chair… lol
  • I have a shower in the morning and not even physical work. WCYUI
  • I do feel that it is unhygienic but I fall asleep.
  • In winter normally! In summer I get sweaty so I have one at night
  • I try to read in bed but without reading even 1 page I fall asleep
  • Same as you, I am NS as well. I feel really tired at night so I have one in the morning. Lol
  • I don’t have the energy left to do so
  • I fall asleep after meal
  • Sleeping has the priority.
  • At night I get too tired so I have a shower in the morning
  • I want to have one everyday but the sleeping has priority. If I force myself to have a bath, I fall asleep and almost die!
  • After the night shift I can’t resist it and fall asleep
  • Let me go to sleep rather than having bath! Lol
  • Even when I get dayshift in a row I can’t even be bothered to go home.
  • After a night shift, I go to sleep straight away without having a bath at home.



  • In the winter always! In the summer I do have one because I sweat…just even a shower
  • When I get too drunk
  • When I get home too late
  • I feel rushed when I wake up lol
  • When I get too tired or busy I don’t have one
  • I can’t defeat my sleepiness
  • Firs thing first, I wash my face then get changed then just lie down. When I wake up and if I still have a time I have a shower. Living on my own do not have anyone who can support you so I’m so jealous of people living with family.
  • Too tired and when I wake up it’s already morning.
  • Miss the timing then if I don’t have one before meal I just go to sleep without it. Full time job really is tiring.
  • Bath could make you really tired actually
  • If the next day isn’t daytime.. I have really bad life routine. Lol
  • In the middle of the winter yes.
  • Especially after the night shift… come home then dive into the sofa. I can fall asleep 2 seconds.
  • After the night shift, sleep without a second
  • After the night shift I almost die. The sleeping has the most priority.
  • I have one in the morning, oh well.



  • I do have one, no matter how tired I get because I feel like I caught a lot of germs on me.
  • After work I get really sweaty and although the most of it is blocked but still I feel not that clean by dealing with dirty staff so can’t go to sleep without having a bath.
  • Only when I get sick.
  • I feel dirty from getting too much sweaty so it is unbelievable going to sleep without having a bath.
  • If possible, after coming home I want to have a bath or shower as soon as.
  • After the work I feel like I got really dirty and if I have meal first then I think I will fall asleep as soon so I have a bath soon as I come home.
  • I am a nurse too and even though I am male I feel the same. I want to spend my evening being fancy but the reality is very hard too.
  • Definitely I do have one. Without washing everything, I cannot go to sleep lol
  • As I am really tired, hard to be bothered but the hospital isn’t the safest place in terms of hygiene and I might be getting something from the patients so impossible to go to sleep like that!



  • When I get home, before I touch anything I have a shower.
  • Have shower everyday, not a bath
  • NO, definitely no. I cannot get into bed with dirtiness.
  • Can’t stand not having a bath. Actually your wife’s working environments are so bad,… working till 20:00 is too much.
  • Definitely not
  • Definitely not! First thing I do when I get back home is having a bath.
You should have one.


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