In japan, Can you spot a nurse in public?


Take off their white coats and go out nurses. Is there anything about them that are differed to others? Apparently nurses could spot the other nurses in public.. We asked how they do that.

This can be useful to find them on the street!




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result is listed above: 45.8% say that they can, 50% of them say that 50% and 4.2% has other opinion. I thought they can sense them 100% but it doesn’t seem like that. However there are some unique features about nurses.



  • Lazy
  • The hair styles and actions seem the same
  • When I see someone who has less make up on and have the buns style hairstyle or have nails very short and have a lot of stuff with them all the time, I think they work in the same department,
  • People who go to spa, beauty spa, massage in the daytime are highly possibility that they are nurses.
  • No nails painted, not really wearing white dress or after midnight they don’t have much make up on or not even any make up on.
  • I am a nurse. The bags they have when they commute are normally big. For the night shift, bigger. And the atmospheres they have are unique. Also the ones have few memos on hands and wrists are the new ones.
  • People who are falling asleep at the hair dresser at daytime are lol
  • Because they have the atmospheres they can’t hide! Lol
  • Well, it is all about the atmospheres they have. I feel this and it is sort of like “smell” lol



  • I don’t sense by their looks. But When I hear the conversation they are having at the restaurants at midday sometimes I feel that they might be.
  • I don’t sense it as much as I can’t distinguish the detective sneaking in at the mole as normal customer to catch shoplifters.
  • Recently, there’s many nurses wear fashionable outfit so I have no idea.
  • Not able to distinguish but when I go shopping in the daytime on my day off I wonder what’s their occupation could be.
  • No idea and I don’t even care. But I fit the 6 features listed above lol
  • When I work then I realized there is many nurses that I didn’t know.
  • If we take off the white coat, all of us are the same as ordinal people.



  • Student nurses or new ones I might be able to guess.. the bags are quite big? (because of books)
  • When I drink with colleagues then I see the group of the nurses from the crowed, I really do sense it. The atmosphere differs compare to the others.
What would it be like to drink with only nurses lol


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In japan, Can you spot a nurse in public?

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