Do japanese nurses keep their household account book?


I thought nurses have quite high wage so they don’t keep their account books for daily incomes and expenses. However, there is many nurses keep their account books.

Let’s have a look at the questionnaire.




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The questionnaire result is listed above: 46.3% of the nurses answered [YES], 42.6% [NO] and [Other} was 11.1%. So only almost half of nurses said that they do and I thought this is more than we expected.



  • I like writing into the household account book.
  • There is really app for the smart phones. If you type in your daily expenses and income they automatically calculate the stats.
  • I have started to recently. When I was younger I used to keep it everyday but seeing my husband spending really rough I felt like it is stupid to do so. But now I am disgusted with him so I’m starting over.
  • I do it by phone!
  • It makes you spend less for sure.
  • I do it on my day off! Since when I was a uni student.
  • I am going to get married soon so to save up I start it to do so from this year.
  • Ever since after the marriage, for 5 years. I thought it makes difference in my saving but not really. But it makes you to think back like diaries so it helps me a lot.
  • Ever since when I was a nursing student. This year is the 8th year!
  • Started it as I started to live on my own.
  • I do it on App! By the way, my blood type is type A.
  • On my smartphone’s app.



  • Can’t look at what I have been spending for what. It makes me feel chilly.
  • I bought something like that!
  • I used to, but busyness made me give up
  • I did for a month but I felt that it wasn’t for me. It was such a pain and wasn’t even fun.
  • I can’t
  • I’ve never done it, never will
  • Every year I buy one but never completed using it for a whole year.
  • Always “estimating”. The miscalculation that I make is becoming way bigger than a little now lol I have the housing loan so I need to start doing it though…
  • I know that I should!!! My blood type is O though.
  • Makes me feel so empty
  • Can’t maintain doing it
  • What’s account book?
  • I have this feeling that I should but the truth is that I can’t be bothered. From next month, I’m working at the new work place, so I decided to start doing it!



  • When I don’t have pretty tight finance I do it.
  • I used to but not anymore. Such a pain.
  • I’m not doing it properly so I can’t say it out loud that I do it.
  • I used to do it but the monthly expenses are almost exactly the same so I gave up after the half a year.
  • When I just married I was doing it everyday, but when I realized I was already not doing it. Lol
  • I used to but couldn’t maintain it

Want to compare with the other occupation.

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