Japanese nuses pay attention to your daily diets?


The stamina is very important for the nurses. Because of their hard work, the nurses have irregular daily routine but although it is irregular you do get hungry and it is necessary to eat something. But, at the same time you don’t want to get “bigger” and want to make sure you don’t eat too much as well.

We had a questionnaire on how they cope with this.




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result of the questionnaire is listed above: [YES] was 39.5%, [No] was 52.6% and [OTHER] was 7.9%. Surprisingly, there are more people not caring about the diets! Or maybe this outcome shows that they take calories hence stamina more importantly.



  • Trying my best but…. I can’t be nice to the patients when I’m hungry!
  • For the night shift I am trying my best to eat something low in calories.
  • But when it is too busy or stressful I eat too much. However this is still fun lol
  • After all, eating a lot at one and drinking too much makes me fat! When I quit all of this I lost some weight.
  • It is hard to stop eating a lot before the night shift.
  • Although I do care about my diet, I don’t really lose weight. I reckon there’s only two ways to be for us; whether we gain too much or get too skinny.
  • I do care about it but it doesn’t link with my action lol when there is some sweets in the break room….. lol



  • I don’t really get fat
  • The result of not caring is now….
  • Can’t work without storing some energy.
  • I eat, as much I want to eat. Eating sweets during my night shifts are the best!
  • Even when I don’t want to eat, I make sure eat a lot before the night shift. And in the break time… energy drink and coffee are essential J
  • Even at 2 or 3am, I take sweets and caffeine.
  • I always can’t help myself to eat sweets during the night shift. But before the night shift I try to minimize the amount of sweets I take.
  • Can’t do my job without storing calories before hand.
  • It is hard to control myself in terms of eating habit. I do think that I need to do so though.



  • I go for run everyday!
  • I am working at a factory but at my work place, everyone gets some bread and milk during the night shift.


It seems hard for the nurses to go on a diet!


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