Do Japanese nursing staffs get an emergency phone call from hospitals?


The horror phone call from work during your day off…. Even if you weren’t a nursing staff you do have this experience of being scared of this phone call but actually, for what kind of reason do nurses get an unexpected phone calls from their work in their free day? Don’t think there’s any really good news/ reason why they have to have this emergency phone call but we had a questionnaire on this matter to make it clear!




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result is listed above: The answer [yes] was 91.8%, [No] was 4.9% and [Other] was 3.3%. The most of the nurses have experienced to have an unexpected phone call from their work place on their day off. The phone call on the day off must be a such a reason or such a complication but… what did actually happen?!



  • I always think “Did I do something?!” and start sweating like hell. Or they ask me whether I can work on the night shift out of sudden.
  • Sometimes
  • Right after I finish my shift. Hate trying to recall all of my memories what I might have done in my shift. It scares hell out of me.
  • I pretend like I didn’t realize.
  • When they want to reassure me whatever I’ve done wrong. :’(
  • I got switching the shift and at the institution I had few emergency phone calls at midnight.
  • When I see the work place’s phone number on the screen, I always feel worried and think ‘dammit, what have I done’. But the other day, they were just practicing to use the emergency contact line…
  • Change in the shift or about the lost property.
  • From the chatty mid-aged female nurse. She was too busy chatting and couldn’t hear me saying hi to her then after work she phoned me up complaining that I don’t greed and rude. This women really can’t see herself can she?
  • When I hear the senior staff’s voice, I really can’t relax at home after that.
  • I hate it when the place gets too busy I sometimes get the phone call from work whether I could work on that day after midnight.
  • They said to me that they can’t get make a week shift with what they’ve got so whether I can work on my day off.
  • Sometimes I get it though it isn’t even an emergency reason. I get a heart attack every time.
  • The most of them are about switching the shift but I always feel like “Have I done something?!?!” feel so stressed.
  • Did I do something wrong?!?
  • The most of them is about changing the shift, So I don’t answer it.
  • About changing the shift or something along this line. My work place doesn’t really call people on day off.
  • I got a phone call from the head nurse then now I’m working at night on the same day.
  • When I get the phone call from work I start shivering…normally just about switching the shift though.
  • They always phone me for unnecessary matters!! Like something they can ask me on my next shift.
  • Yea….
The phone call from work place on day off really isn’t good for your heart is it? Even you haven’t done anything wrong you get this “What did I do?!” feeling in this few second running through your head until you answer the phone. Especially for those of who work as nurses, this could be very serious matter. However, as we can see in those comments the most of them are just about changing the shift.


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