In Japan, Nurses working style is Night or Day Duty?


Many nurses work as both daily service and night duty, which do you choose if said to only either one that I do it?

I took the questionnaire to the nurse of the reader.



Questionnaire result summary

Which way do only daily service and night duty working full time choose?

Daily service and a night duty “choose the daily service all the time 51.4% ” , “choose the night duty 27.1% “others 21.4%” turned out. I think that after all it is to think about a family and health side that there were many people who chose the daily service. On the contrary, the person to want to make money by a night duty comes while I am young.


choose the daily service all the time

  • Because the one is good for a body. I sleep well at night.
  • Speaking frankly, as for the night duty, as for both the appearance and the contents, +30 year old gets old.
  • Because when it is a night duty, a body does not seem to last…I am still high 3 by nurse choice even if I say.
  • Because there is a family….
  • Got out of shape; there is not a night duty person since there was it. I work by daily service working full time, but am all right if used!
  • It is natural in the daytime to be active.
  • The reversal has the rhythm of the body upset in the night and day.


choose the night duty

  • Because I can do it in one’s own pace. Because I am still an underling, there is little night duty number of times. By two changes four times a month……
  • Do you take night duty?…. If the daily service has many trivial routine duties, and there is not surely a night duty; cuttlefish and others seriously down salary. Fourth year nurse base salary 170,000 yen.
  • Because there are many staff or a doctor or people concerned, I am irritated with you all the time. The patient gets up, too and. Because a patient sleeps as for the night duty, it is quiet and is saved.
  • I get only net income around 150,000 yen even if I work fully when it is only daily service
  • Because I get money!
  • The night duty is a filler to daily service. Because you must turn this mind in daily service, it is troublesome.
  • I am tired, but am a night duty because there is a medical treatment!
  • I work all the time in 夜専 for these past ten years. I came to break physical condition when I served it daily.
  • Because there is salary



  • I want to work as both in a good balance.
  • I say to both in a good balance, too.
  • I understand it very much. Both are toilsome as such. The wage which cannot live is bad, and the carcinogenicity of the night duty is afraid that I do not take night duty. But there is not the person if I live for only bread…Seductive.
  • Both are to blame. As for the daily service a committee meet, and get tired of it, and the night duty rolls up hormone balance disorder, too and…There is not a good thing.
  • I hate both! I want to work moderately.
  • If only either is available, I leave it because I hate such a duty.


It looks good to do both the daily service and the night duty in a good balance. In other words it is money and balance of the health.


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