In japan, Nurses tell others about your problems or agonies?


Even the nurses, who are often compared to white angels, have some agonies and problems. As much as the weight of the responsibility from the work gets heavier, the more you feel more worried. Well, then how do they cope with this? The most of our problems get solved by talking to others… but….

Do you tell others about your problems?




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result of the questionnaire is listed above: [YES, anything] was 8.1%, [Yeah, maybe few] was 45.2%, [Not really] 40.3% and [Others] was 6.5%. It seems like the most of people can tell their problems to others if it is something, which isn’t too serious. In other words, they can tell others about minor problems that aren’t really worrying them but they cannot tell the one, which is deep inside and dead serious.


YES, anything

  • I can tell anything to my mother and husband…. I feel more comfortable after my marriage. Feels like I have got someone on my side no matter what.


Yeah, maybe minor ones

  • The things that worries me the most is normally the topic of which kind of forbidden to tell others or the contents are too serious that makes the others feel uncomfortable so I can’t talk about them.
  • The one of those people who wants to help yourself by yourself, actually need ask for help from others especially if it is related to educational matter.
  • Since when I was in 9th grade, I wrote every thing in my diary, and now I write all the things worrying me on my secret blog that no one can see.
  • I normally let it go.
  • I do try to release those agonies but it is very hard to sometimes. Even when I want someone to listen to me, I become the one who is listening… and this become one of my problems.
  • The truth is “I can’t talk about the most of them” but if I say so I will never gonna change so I shall say so.
  • Depends on the topic, When I talk about it to someone, it makes me kind of let it go or make me able to see the solutions. I normally feel a bit comfortable after.
  • It depends on the contents doesn’t it.


Not really

  • Can’t even tell my own parents. Put all of them on my shoulder and that eventually makes me feel sick… then I bank school.
  • When I was a bit younger I could. Since I became the chief, considering what I say has influence on the others made me in the situation that I can’t really say anything negative.
  • The only one person who can solve your problem is yourself. On the other hand, people talk about their problems and ask me for some advice but I never say something that is even slightly out of my responsibility because saying something that I can’t be responsible for its out come is the cruelest thing ever.
  • Well they always feel a bit awkward when I do.
  • I used to have this one person who understood me very well though I only told her little.
  • I write on my blog as well.
  • I realized that there is no point telling anyone. Forever alone!
  • Those gossips leaks from another person to person, which is no good.
  • At the moment I’m having a break due to my mental illness. If I could tell any of my problems, it would make my life easier wouldn’t it.



  • I never ever say them to anyone. From my past experience, when I tell anyone I do regret it for 100%.
  • Telling the problem to people only makes you feel a bit better temporally. So at the end of it, you have to deal with your own problems by facing it.
  • Same as gambling. Has no reliability what so ever.


If you cannot talk about your sufferings, then I recommend to write them in your diaries or blog to let the negative thoughts out.


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