Japanese nurses look after husband/boyfriend?


At the work place, the nurses have to be kind to the patients and talk to them with tender words just like mothers talk to their kids. However, do they treat their husbands/boyfriends when they are sick just like that though?

We had a questionnaire about this.



The outline of the questionnaire summary


The sad result is listed above: the answer [YES] was 14.6%, [NO] was 81.3% and [Other] was 4.3%. The gentleman believe in the nurses as they are white angels on the earth, however, the truth is ugly. As soon as they become your wife, the reality will slap you in the face. Bite your lips and deal with it!!!!



  • I treat mine very sweet J
  • At home all I can do is make some porridge, give them ice pillow and medicine.
  • Actually my husband has got cancer. Get a bit irritated how short temper he can get but I feel so sorry for him.
  • Of cause! They are my specials.
  • I think I do treat them nicely



  • I hate how they expect me to just because I am a nurse. As soon as I get out my work place my nursing switch is off.
  • I think I am a bit cold at home.
  • I am strict all the time
  • I am a kind of person who doesn’t want to bother anyone when I get sick so I just take medicine but my husband on the other hand is a kind of person who wants to say it out loud how much he is ill.
  • I always feel a bit annoyed and think it’s just the result of how you usually look after your body.
  • My attitude at work and private places are different. I don’t have that much of energy at home.
  • I couldn’t guess how I am normally at home so I asked my husband. He said I am not gentle at all and I don’t do much. Actually, when I am the one who is sick I get panicked. Lol
  • My husband doesn’t really get sick but when he is I do my best for him to go to sleep quietly. How I talk to him is the same as normal.
  • First of all, I just tell them what they need to do in a bit of authoritative tone.
  • Nursing is what I do for my job. I can’t really do that at home.
  • Can’t do that at home. I just think “look after yourself!”. Lol
  • I forget about that I was a nurse lol



  • Absolutely not. Can’t be that gentle.
  • Not even slightly. It is normal for the nurses to not treat their relatives as nice as the patients at the hospital.


Sadly… The smiles and warm kindness the nurses give us at hospital were empty one. They don’t seem to have that much of energy to do the same at home.

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Japanese nurses look after husband/boyfriend?

  1. JohnDoe

    Patient is a patient, isn’t it swore after graduating?! “No wonder” why “love” ends after marriage!! “My duty as a lover ends after I get back home”. No more “nadeshiko” in Japan, just a depreciation of the word due to too the current low standard.

    If you are after a best “buck for the bang”, there’s another profession that pays better!!
    And there you can be as cold as you want!!

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