Do the nurses fall in love with the patients and got married?


Do you think that really happen??

Although it is their occupation to be the nurses, they are human after all. If there is a male and a female, it is quite natural for them to get attracted to one another. Apparently there are many people who know someone, such as colleagues or senior nurses, who happened to fall in love with the patients and got married.

However, how often does this happen?? How many are out there?




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result of the questionnaire is listed above: [Yes] was 61.2%, [No] was 31.8% and [other] was 7.1%. There’s more nurses dating patients than I thought. However, if there was someone who’s been looking after you with goddess gentle smiles when you are feeling down, you’d feel…..


Wouldn’t you??



  • The one of the senior nurse at my hospital just got married with a patient.
  • I got married to the patient and he is now my husband.
  • 3 couples that I know from my work place are nurse-patient couples.
  • I know someone who got married to the patient for a real.
  • You’d fall in love with someone who looks after you when you are weaken by sickness don’t you??
  • I think it is a rare case though.
  • If you look for the case you’d find one, and you will in the future as well.
  • The one of the senior nurses got married to the patient.
  • It happens quite often, although my aunt got divorced for 3 times.
  • It really happens for a real but the most of the patients at my hospital are very old so at mine never will happen.
  • If they are truly in love then there is nothing wrong, isn’t there?
  • Maybe in plastic surgeon department?
  • I’ve experienced it. Hum.
  • My friend and my senior colleague got married with patients.
  • In the plastic surgeon department, this could happen. As there are more young patients?
  • I got asked out by one of them.
  • Well they are a female and male at the end of the day!
  • For the case of a nurse (female) and a patient (male), there might be some cases but the other way around never.
  • In the cosmetic surgery department there are more young patients so I think there is some cases.
  • In the past, I have dated the patient from my hospital. My friend got married with who used to be a patient,
  • In the cosmetic surgeon department I heard that it happens.
  • My mother is a nurse and she met my father who was a patient.
  • When you are young this could happen But I’m working in the department with a lot of old people so these kinds of relationship will never happen.
  • I cannot say this does not happen so I’d say yes.
  • My colleague did get married to a patient. Although they got divorced though.
  • Few patients asked me out, but I didn’t date any of them.
  • My parents in a low are the patient-nurse couple.
  • My friend got married by this case.
  • If the personalities march
  • I know few people around me like that. But for the most cases, the patients seem to approach the nurses.



  • The patients are patients. I always think if you get married to them, they will come with the “nursing forever at home” package. The health is what counts the most.
  • I feel super awkward when wired patients send me the love-text to me. Lol
  • This might happen but I’m working at NICU so there are only babies.
  • 60 years old patient asked me out. He told me that it was a love at fist site and also he brushed his teeth better than usual so he is ready for anytime. This is actually now sexual harassment.
  • I’m working at the phycology department so….
  • I wouldn’t say never ever! But also I don’t really feel like dating them.
  • I was working at pediatric department so .. never had any experience of dating patients.
  • Well, basically the patients have some kind of sickness so don’t appeal as romance interest for me. Except for the cosmetic surgery? They don’t really have anything wrong with their organs or anything do they ??



  • Maybe with the other nurses or doctor/ chemist.
  • As you like, that’s all.
  • I don’t think anyone would want to date with someone who is ill or injured. “Well, I don’t choose them as boyfriend” was my girl friend ‘s words who is a nurse.
  • Normally I don’t but just once I went on a date with one. Lol


If you look for a boyfriend then go to “cosmetic surgery department”


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