Japanese Nurses wearing Pants or Skirt style uniform?


Today, you see more nurses wearing pants style uniform even on TV. As they are required to work more actively, ward-nursing staffs tend to wear pants style uniforms. This time we had a survey about the types of the nurse uniforms they actually wear at work place.




Summary of the Questionnaire result


The result is given above: Pants style is the most popular one with 77.6%, dress style is 2nd with 18.8% followed by other with 3.5%. This shows that current nurses tend to wear pants style uniform more. From the questionnaire there were a lot of them saying that they cannot perform their best with skirt as it limits their actions.


Pants Style

  • Easy to move in
  • No need to wear tights
  • It is definitely easier to move in lol When you help the patients to move, you kinda need to put your legs wide open
  • The amount of physical assistant work increases in Brain surgeon/ Brain internal medicine department compare to the other department so DIFINITELY pants style.
  • I’m working in Emergency Room so wearing matching one to Kuranosue Sasaka’s one in Lifesaving ward 24 (Japanese drama)
  • At my friend’s hospital, they are told to wear dress style as much as possible because for the pants style they have to pay more for the cleaning.
  • At my hospital, the dress style one shows more body figure…
  • We got to drop hips a bit and stand firmly when we help the patients…
  • Cant work properly with dress one at my hospital!
  • I haven’t worn the dress style one for more than 10 years.
  • When I was wearing the dress style one without any tights underneath on my 20s, they told me they could see my underwear. With the pants style one, you can hide your bottom with the tops.
  • Only pregnant nurses wear the dress one at my work place.
  • At the training class we wore the dress style.
  • DIFINITELY!!! PANTS STYLE is easier to move and easier to help the patients to move out from their beds.
  • At my works place, the nurses who’s wearing the dress one is the one looking for the male attention….. I think… as you can see the body line quite well…lol Pants style is better to move in by mile. The dress one you get a bit bothered and can’t really move that well.


Dress Style

  • I became a nurse cause I was longing for the dress uniform.
  • I’m used to the dress uniform and comfortable with it. I’m so gutted that they abolished the nursing cap.
  • You got to wear 2 pieces of clothings with the pants style, while dress one is only one piece. I don’t really wear tights underneath so I wear socks from home and take them off after work. Nailing it.
  • Easier to get change with
  • The chair doctor’s taste.
  • . We got a little bit of something in our break 😉 lol
  • It is much easier to get change with, and also the dress style is much cuter!
  • Since I started to work at my work place, I’ve been wearing dress one for 10 years. For me, I just like the dress uniform.
  • I’m same as her. I got both the dress one and the pants style uniform but I just missed the right opportunity to switch.
  • Don’t even ask



  • Got both
  • Got two sets each for the both of the types so I’m wearing alternatively! It is easier to get change into the dress one but the pants one is easier to move in and I like it
As you can see there are more people wearing the pants style uniform. It might be different depends on the department you working in. If it doesn’t really matter then maybe the best things is to have both.


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Japanese Nurses wearing Pants or Skirt style uniform?

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