Japanese nurses have any bad dream?


I reckon anyone had at least once had a bad dream regarding to the work. Nursing is one of those occupations that tend to cause a lot of stress, so they might have bad dreams regarding to their work.

We had a questionnaire on this.




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result is listed above: [Often] had 23.5%, [Sometimes] was 50.0%, [Seldom] was 20.6% and [other] was 5.9%. You can bear it if that is only sometimes but it would make you mentally tired if that is too often. Is that too old fashioned to put the picture of someone you fancy under your pillow??



  • Oh well, this is how my life goes.
  • I attend university. It’s the nursing college.
  • I have a dream that nurse call is ringing or the patient changes his condition suddenly. When I wake up I feel so shocked.
  • I have one of those dreams that you cannot distinguish whether it is dream or not. I see the people from hospital often
  • Sometimes running away, sometimes fall off. I don’t see good dreams much on the other hand.



  • In my dream the patients changed their condition and we were in utter confusion but then I woke up then had to work for my midday shift.
  • The other day, when I was having a bad ghost dream and suffering, my husband woke me up. I survived.
  • I am in the operation room even in my dream… :”(
  • People from my work place appear quite often. When I was getting ready for my work, I felt wired then I was kept wondering. Then next thing was I just jumped out of bed and I was happened to be just dreaming about getting ready. Of cause on that day I had work for my midday shift. lol
  • Sometimes I even work in my dream.
  • They always say that they were so glad it was just a dream, but I can’t wake up straight away so…
  • I sometimes trying recall what I have done in my last shift, thinking if I had forgotten anything.



  • I see those dreams seldom but one of the doctors that I know sees bad dreams often… being chased by snake, a shower of bombs… I don’t see dreams much so quite interesting for me to hear it.
  • When I see dream sometimes it becomes true so kind of scared to see them.



  • Hate to see bad dreams… even after waking up I can’t go back to sleep for a while.
  • I still can remember the bad dreams I had when I was a kid. After that I’ve never seen any scarily dreams or any bad dreams.
It might help if you prize yourself saying “I did well today as well ?” before go to sleep.


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