Japanese nurses want to date Doctors?


For the marring object, the one of the hottest occupations is a doctor. It isn’t that rare to hear the case for the nurses and doctors to get married. So, this time we had a questionnaire to the nurses working at the hospital if they want to date doctors who they are working with.




The results of the questionnaire summary


The result for this questionnaire, do you want to date doctors, was listed above: the answer Yes occupied 14.3%, No was 73.2% and the Other was 12.5%

Wait, what ?! In general, doctors are the NO.1 popular job with female to get married with… Why doctors aren’t that popular with nurses? Let’s have a look at their opinion for their choice.



  • Gosh…maybe I should’ve dated them lol can ask them about the health right? Lol (50s/F/Mie)
  • If they are hot then yes (20s/f/Fukuoka)
  • Well, it is more like I love Dr Tutumi ( Japanese actor) (30s/F/Osaka)



  • They are all a bit weird, and that’s why they can be doctors. So definitely no. (30s/F/Saitama)
  • There is some nice doctors, but young ones have us nurses at their beck and call and they have bad behavior towards the patients like talk rudely. And they are stubborn! Maybe I am being a bit biased (20s/F /Saitama)
  • I really don’t want to date any male doctors. Most of them cheat! (30s/F/Osaka)
  • They don’t have much day off, and I wander they spend any time with their family. Also often hear about cheating staff. (20s)
  • They are all weirdoes. Lol (20s/F/Shiga)
  • Doctors are the worse, personality wise. (40s/Male)
  • Many of the doctors are a bit weird, so spite of their income definitely no. :/
  • Doctors have too much pride. Definitely no. (30s/F/Hiroshima)
  • Sorry, no doctors for sure.



  • I look at people equally, so I see them as normal person and the income doesn’t really matter to me. If he has an attractive personality and if he has a time to spend with me then it is all good. (20s/F/Tokyo)
  • Not the best. Not keen in perverts. (10s/F/Hyogo)
  • I personally don’t think so, but when I see a kind doctor I kind of get attracted. But I don’t want to be awkward at my work place with the colleague so may be no.
  • If possible, I want to date other than medical department but if he has a nice personality then eventually the occupation doesn’t really matter. (302/Female/Tokyo)
  • If the person I fell in love with happened to be a doctor then it is alright, but if I go for the doctors then it is definitely gold diggerish


Is that true there is many pervert doctors? Maybe perverts are all right but too much pride and cheaters are too much a problem.  Being a nurse and having a close look to the doctors could be quite accurate and dead honest one. This might be a good reference for all of you.


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