In Japan, Do nurses use the medical terms in everyday life?


Apparently the medical terms that nurses have to use at their work place such as dipsia they use them in everyday life. However, how much and how often do they use those technical terms?




The outline of the questionnaire summaries


The result is listed above: [DO] is 84.9%, [Don’t] is 7.5% and [Other]is 7.5%. As we guessed, quite a lot of nurses use the medical terms on a regular basis at home or in their free time. You don’t really know the technical terms used in department that you don’t belong with, so it might be hard to understand them. But as you hang out with them you start to have a good grip of these words. Quite interesting isn’t it !



  • I happened to use them, though I don’t even intend to.
  • The word [Frequent urination] is used on a regular basis!
  • Hydrodipsia, Exhaustion, Thermogenic, Loose stool, Aphtous stomatitis. Axilla, Patella, Frontal lobe etc
  • Hydrodiosia and Exhaustion etc I might be using those terms unconsciously.
  • Thermogenic instead of Fever and ice pillow as [Hyochin].
  • I might be using it. Really naturally. My husband isn’t a nurse or doctor but working in medical department so.
  • Got massive Hydrodipsia. I use it like this.
  • After became a nurse, I can say the word Poop without laughing.
  • It’s like a dialect, the words comes out your mouth without thinking. For the text between the nurses, we use medical terms a lot but we can’t find the right spelling from the prediction bar.
  • Is [Frequent urination] medical term?
  • My husband is a nurse as well so.. lol But the other day I said to one of the colleague that I have [Frequent Diarrhea] , they told me that there isn’t such a word. lol
  • My wife is a nurse too. So we use them a lot! Lol
  • When I use it without realizing, people don’t get me. lol
  • Especially when I have a night out with the friends who’s working in the medical department… I have a really bad circulation so I get purple toes so easily then I always say cyanosis lol



  • Cause I don’t think they’d understand what I’m saying so I don’t use them at home.



  • Don’t really know whether I’m using them or not
  • I don’t even know what really is the medical terms and not anymore.


Wow, It was quite interesting !  [Frequent] could be use naturally at home. Personally, I was cracking up with the word [Frequent diarrhea] lmao hahaha.


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In Japan, Do nurses use the medical terms in everyday life?

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