In Japan, Are the nurses really the angels in white?


Nurses are normally compared as angel in white and we can’t deny that there is many patients got their hearts shot through by angels’ goddess smiles. However, is this image of the nurses in gentle man’s head really there for real? Does angels in white rally exist?

Let’s have a look the questionnaire we had on nurses?

( We asked this questionnaire to some people who aren’t nurse. )




The outline of the questionnaire summary


The result is listed above: [Yes] was 29%, [NO] had 38.9% and [I don’t know] was 32.1%. OMG!!! The answer [NO] had the most votes!!! What is going on….



  • Depends on the person….I want to believe…
  • I think so!
  • Just by the imagination that I have
  • That’s my dream
  • At least they work their hardest
  • My friend fancy nurses so I am a bit affected by him
  • In many ways YES
  • Maybe
  • Ofcause!
  • Maybe
  • Well even though there are the gap between the imagination and the reality…but
  • I really appreciate them. Before I had my operation, when I talked with the doctor and my family, they helped me out by giving me advices on few things.
  • There must be a splendid nurse exist. So I do understand people who answered [NO] but I don’t want to know anything ruins my wishes. For those us who don’t work in this industry like us, nurses= the angels in white, and it’s all matters J
  • For those patients who are on the edge of their life, nurses must be angels to them.
  • Got to have a hopes going…
  • Some of them are insane but the most of them are angels, I think.
  • When I had to be in hospital 10 years ago, they really looked after me. They were really nice to me and I really do appreciate them!!

Data of the candidates answered [YES]

The half of them was male’s comments. This shows that males have this image of female nurses as the angels in white.



  • It is just an occupation! Social division of labor.
  • There might be some angels but most of them are devils…
  • My wife is a nurse. The way I look at her is not an angel but a fighter.
  • The most of them are just an ordinal people. But sometimes, as a rare case, there are some nurses who have the pride of being nurse when they are working. Like a lady who became a nurse longing for the Crimea’s angel. Amazing!
  • Depends on the personality
  • I think the nurses are the fighters in white
  • They are devils
  • I don’t think so. Lol
  • Actually they are devils
  • Can’t say something like this judged by their occupations
  • I hate injections so I’d say they are the devils in white
  • They are the ogres in a way.
  • No really
  • My eldest sister is a nurse so….
  • No…
  • I’ve never seen this a nurse who is this cute, gentle, and just like an angel.
  • It is more like the uncles/aunties at the school kitchen who love looking after people.
  • Not the angels
  • The doctors and the nurses are the fighters in white. Although they are injured pretty badly though.
  • Crimea’s angel was called angels under her conditions. When it is promised to do decent work, the nurses are finally doing the angels’ work.
  • I am a nurse but I feel pressured when they call us the angels in white lol
  • There are no angels!!!!!!! Lol I am a nurse too but including myself, there are many nurses who have dark thoughts than other people. In front of the nurses we don’t show it though…lol
  • There might be some angels.
  • I was in the department of neurology when I was teenager, but I’ve evidenced the fight between the nurses. They might have thought patients cannot hear it as there were many aged patients, but it was a bit too extreme.
  • Can’t be an angel otherwise I die from the overwork. I am a human as well.
  • Angel??? Definitely not. “Everyone’s friend” in white!!!
  • I am a nursing student but as becoming a nurse is so hard you might see it like that. Until then it is like living hell and after you become one from the patients’ view point it seems like they are as if angels and that’s it.
  • I am a nursing student.
  • I am a nurse but only in front of patients we act like it. Usually we are normal.
  • There are some the devils in white. I hated the old brick woman who talks like she knows everything.
  • Should not romanticize it too much. They are human after all they do get sick as well.
  • If they become evil, it needs to be censored.
  • It is a face images. Maybe.
  • Recently they wear the flowerer printed one instead of white one.

The date of the candidates who answered [NO]

The most of them are females. So these are nurses’ side opinion. The nurses don’t see themselves as angels in white.

For the patients, the nurses are angels in white.


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