Who suits the nurse role out of all Japanese celebrities?


Out of all female Japanese celebrity, who fits the nurse’s role the most? We asked this question to the nursing staffs and some people working around them. Also there are some other celebrities who fit the outfit other than these examples we have got. If we have an opportunity to, it would be lovely to do 2nd edition of “my wife is a nurse”.




The outline of the questionnaire summary


  • Minami Higa
  • Satomi Shigemori
  • Satomi Ishihara
  • Arisa Mizuki
  • Yuki Matsushita
  • Danmitu
  • Miho Shiraishi
  • Ko Shibasaki
  • Miho Kanno
  • Mariko Shinoda
  • Other

The result shows a victorious overwhelm by Higa Minami. Our last article might have affected this outcome, however, she won the vote by mile compare to the other celebrities. I reckon this is due to some current dramas such as Code Blue and Doctors that she was playing the nurse role. Indeed, she seems like she’d make a kind and great nurse.

After 2nd place it is followed by Yuki matsushita, Danmitsu and Miho Shiraish but sure there is a huge gap between 1st and 2nd.


Manami Higa

  • I wish she really was! Lol (10s/F/Kanagawa)
  • I see her a lot in dramas. (30s/F/Saitama)
  • She is the best!
  • It really suit her. She is my idol. (10s/F/Hokkaido)
  • People say that I look like her lol (20s/F/Fukuoka)
  • I want to work with her !!!! (20s/F/Fukuoka)
  • Every time I see her on TV, she reminds me of Code Blue (20s/F/Kanagawa)
  • She was lovely in Code Blue <3 (20s/F/Osaka)
  • One of the nurses at my work place looks like her (20s/F)


Satomi Ishihara

  • It still hasn’t faded in me the role she played in the drama, which is nurse Aoi. From the nurse’s standpoint, it was really good drama series.


Yuki Matsusita

  • In Nurse call and Nurse’s work (both of them are Japanese dramas), the nurse’s role really suited her. And also the white nurse costume. The reason why Manami Higa is popular this time might be Doctors 2 is on TV at the moment. (40s/M/Saitama)
  • She has got nice and curvy….Madame Yuki dayammmmm ! (30s/F/Tokyo)
  • The curves she has got suit the word NURSE. Mmm (50s/M/Kanagawa)


Manami Higa has powerful votes! We want to keep seeing her in Medical dramas in the future as well! Personally, I liked how Yuki Matsushita’s fan was very passionate for this. 

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