Can japanese nurses stand being called “Woman” by guys?


There are a lot of males out there calling their wife/ girlfriend “woman”. But truth is many females don’t appreciate this attitude from man. It might depends on the person but females get this feeling that they are being bossy or “who they think the are?”.

Is this same for the nurses as well??




The outline of the Questionnaire summary


The result is listed above: The answer [YES] was 34.8%, [NO] was 51.7% and [Other] was 13.5%. More than half of female nurses feel that they cannot tolerate being called “Woman” and in fact they don’t appreciate this. But it seems like it depends on whom they are called by. This might change the result depending on the relation to the person and how closely they are related.



  • Don’t really mind
  • I think it’s cute
  • If it isn’t a stranger then it is ok. Can’t stand being called woman? Why?
  • My wife sometimes says, “What would you like to have Mr?”to me.
  • Actually, I prefer being called like that if that is my crush.
  • Isn’t it too much to say this is gender discrimination? You can hear this sometimes in popular songs.
  • I actually like it.
  • I call mine “Hey you” lol but I don’t like being called like that by someone not close.
  • It is tolerable only by husband? No boyfriend! Neither strangers!
  • Normally he calls me by my name but when we fight I, sometimes, even call him some names so….
  • If it is my crush then I can tolerate it.
  • They are, just like me, only humans.



  • Who you think you calling “Woman”?
  • It depends on the situation but I don’t like it in general. Definitely not by someone not that close. I doubt their perspectives.
  • It is unbelievable being called “Women” for me, but if the way they call so with complete love then it might be all right for some people.
  • Can’t say anything if my parents call me so, but other than that NO.
  • Just hate their guts. I feel that they are looking down on me or angry at me.
  • It doesn’t matter whether nurses or not. Everyone can’t tolerate it!
  • I hate it how it seems like they are seeing me low so I call them with the same attitude.
  • Are you seeing me the same as pet or something?
  • It seems and sounds lovelier when they call me by my name.



  • Depends on who.
  • Only by my husband
  • It depends on the situation and who. But generally speaking I don’t really like.
  • It would be exaggerating to say this is verbal violence. But it does make me feel uncomfortable.
  • If it doesn’t seem like they are looking down on me then it is ok.
  • That is good example of the old fashioned guys. Maybe the gender discrimination is still alive in Japan??
  • Recently some teenage girls call their boyfriend, sometimes it is not even their boyfriend, call ‘’OI YOU’. It might had happened in the last few generations a bit but you can see a lot of young people doing this. What is going on??
  • Depends on who and how they say it. If they say it with a bad manners then any kind of words aren’t tolerable.
  • Not tolerable by the doctors but it makes me happy if my boyfriend calls me this.


There is a range of different opinion on this but these seem strongly related to their life experience with their partners. Maybe guys need to be more careful about how they are feeling about this. Personally, I say “woman” to those people who I am very very close to.


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