Do the nurses fall in love with the patients and got married?


Do you think that really happen??

Although it is their occupation to be the nurses, they are human after all. If there is a male and a female, it is quite natural for them to get attracted to one another. Apparently there are many people who know someone, such as colleagues or senior nurses, who happened to fall in love with the patients and got married.

However, how often does this happen?? How many are out there?


Japanese nurses over eat in daybreak?


Normally nurses work with irregular life routine, as they cannot have meals at the same time everyday. During the shift, though you are not supposed to be eating sometimes you cannot help it and after the night shift at dawn you do get so hungry. Sometimes when you realized you happened to eat 4 or 5 meals a day! Lol but you do have to eat something to continue working as well….

But we do tend to eat more than we should or don’t we?